Quick tips today on how to "professionalize" your FB, Insta, etc

Hey, friends.

Back from Portugal, officially a year older, and ready to get back to work! I'm not leaving Berlin again for another couple of months, meaning there are perishables in my fridge and everything. It's a big deal.

Today, I'm giving out a few super fast tips regarding social media. I get lots of people asking me about their resumes -- but these days, your online presence is part of your resume. It's simply unavoidable, so you might as well hack it to your advantage.

At this point, no one born in the last 60 years at *least* can escape having some kind of digital footprint. And that's completely okay. Having personality on the internet will ultimately help, and not hurt, your career (and if you're dealing with an employer who's not into that, let's discuss). The question is, how do you add a few extra tweaks here and there so that your personal social media is something you're willing to brag about?

In this #entrylevelboss I walk you through four of my personal social media channels and show you what I've done with my own stuff -- so, feel free to take inspiration at leisure.

Check out #entrylevelboss Episode 3 here.

As always, let me know if you have questions. And send me your updated profiles, so that I can virtually high-five you for updating them.


PS: Feel free to share this video with someone who needs it. Of course I'd love you to FB and Tweet all about it, but mostly, I'd like you to send it directly to someone who might benefit from this kind of information.

PPS: Looking for the full version of that Meerkat class stream that I show? It's on Facebook. :)

PPPS: That article I pinned to my Twitter was for Silicon Allee's Empowerment series. You can read it here.