On the importance of thinking outside the "real job" box

Hey, friends.

I'm writing you from the south coast of Portugal, which really just doesn't suck at all. The weather was about to make a turn for the worse in Berlin, so this trip came at a great time. (It's also my birthday this Sunday, so it comes with good cause, too!)

Episode 2 of #entrylevelboss is about starting to think outside the box in your job search. You don't get a lot of education about all the incredible choices you have when it comes to starting your career. And what's worse, there seems to be a stigma attached to some choices. Working for a big corporation = good. Working in a boutique agency = not as important. Working for a nightclub = bad.

So, let's all just pause for a moment and, in the spirit of not casting the first stone and all that, realize that we're all different people and very different things will make us happy. Meaning no career path is going to be a one-size-fits-all.

Man up, woman up, and pick something that makes you happy. If you're only making choices to impress other people, you're gonna find that it's a long and lonely road ahead.

Episode 2: Choosing An Industry and Being Stoked on Your Job


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