Pilot episode of #entrylevelboss is up!

Hey, friends.

I'm super excited to say that the pilot episode of #entrylevelboss (1) exists and (2) is ready for you to watch! And that you're the very first ones to see it!

Check it out here.

If you'd've tried to tell me that anything good would ever come out of 2013*, I would have probably cried in your face because that's how awful that year was for me. I've always been really good at finding my own way, and that year was the first time I ever felt an emotion that I can only describe as helplessness. And I'm the one who comes equipped with a knack for sounding like I know what I'm talking about, writing killer emails, and having instant access to a wonderful group of mentors and supporters!

So, now that I have my own Very Awful Year** under my belt, I feel like it's time to step up and share all the helpful tools I've collected over the years and pass them onto those who need a hand.

#entrylevelboss is about getting access to the toolkit you need to take your career into your own hands. It's about smart communication and smart job searching. It's about being the boss of your professional universe. This is the stuff they're not teaching you. This is the stuff you need to know.

And I'm just getting started.

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PS: Feel free to share this video with someone who needs it. I'd love you to Facebook and Tweet all about it, naturally; but more importantly, I'd like you to send it directly to someone who might benefit from this kind of information.

* Apologies to those of you who I know from San Francisco. You really are all very nice people!
** I remember being a kid and hearing adults say things like, "Oh man, 1984. That was a horrible year." At the time, I couldn't grasp that an entire year could be lousy. I so get it now.