If you’re not sure where you're going wrong with your job search, you are not alone.

Welcome to #ENTRYLEVELBOSS School: a six-week job search bootcamp designed to get you hired in this crazy modern world. It’s unlike anything you've ever seen before. This online program equips you with the tools you need to turn your raw skills into dream job offers. 

Basically? A job search that doesn’t end in tears. Think way less stress, way more strategy–and better job offers coming your way a whole lot quicker.

#ELB School lays out a step-by-step fitness plan for getting hired. It's all here: from targeting the right employers, to crafting killer resumes and cover letters, to sending the high-stakes emails that will secure you dream job interviews.

You get ten lessons, six group Q&A calls with Alexa herself, and countless plug-and-play templates that are pretty much guaranteed to skyrocket you to the top of every company’s shortlist.

This is the ultimate job search playbook and it straight-up works.

THE NEXT Class starts Monday, June 3rd. Enrollment is happening NOW. Join me!


What will I learn?

In #ELB School, you'll learn....

- How to find the employers who'll love you

- How to highlight your skillset (or build new skills fast!)

- How to use LinkedIn like a secret weapon

- How to make social media work in your favor

- How to handle cover letters, even if you suck at writing

- How to find the 'secret door' into your new job offer

- How to turn your network into your job search PR team

- How to introduce yourself to strangers who could hire you

- How to prepare for total interview success

- How to handle post-interview follow up like a pro

- How to goal-set & stay on track until the end


What will I get?

#ELB School is a six-week-long job search bootcamp. If you've ever wished someone could just do this for you, this is as close as you're gonna get. This 'guided' job search happens in 10 easy-to-follow steps, based on the methodology used by the world’s most hirable people.

You’ll go through the lessons (and homework assignments) during the first three weeks, and spend the next three weeks putting knowledge into practice. I’m there the whole time, to make sure we get you across the finish line.

There are six weekly 90-minute group calls with me–IMHO, the best part–so that we can maintain a super close relationship throughout the process, diving deep into your specific situation.

#ELB School also includes a ton of templates for resumes, cover letters, emails, you name it. You don't have to guess anymore. It's all here. I’ve got you.


How will I get there?

When you enroll, you'll get access to a full calendar of our next six weeks together. Once class starts (on Monday, June 3rd!), this is what the syllabus looks like…

Week 1 (Lessons 1-3): Get focused and create a perfect resume

Week 2 (Lessons 4-7): Prep all your assets, including cover letters and social media

Week 3 (Lessons 8-10): Develop a not-scary networking strategy

Week 4-6 (Accountability & Strategy): It's go time, let's get you hired!


What results can I expect?

Over the next six weeks of learning, implementing, and strategizing, you can expect to...

- Design a resume & professional presence that you're actually proud to show off

- Build an application that makes you absolutely irresistible to employers

- Create a strategy that gets you hired in half the time, with half the stress

- Dramatically expand your professional network, and learn to utilize them

- Finally get you out of the job search panic rut and into your perfect-fit role


What’s the schedule, exactly?

#ELB School is a virtual operation. That being said, you gotta make sure you have time to attend the six office hours sessions that happen by conference call. If you can’t make every call, don’t worry–they all get recorded, and there will be a couple make-up sessions, too.

June 3rd: Lesson 1 lands in your inbox

June 9th @ 11AM Eastern: Office Hours Call 1 (live with Alexa)

June 16th @ 11AM Eastern: Office Hours Call 2 (live with Alexa)

June 23rd @ 11AM Eastern: Office Hours Call 3 (live with Alexa)

June 30th @ 11AM Eastern: Office Hours Call 4 (live with Alexa)

July 7th @ 11AM Eastern: Office Hours Call 5 (live with Alexa)

July 14th @ 11AM Eastern: Office Hours Call 6 (live with Alexa)


Ready when you are, job seeker!

One-time payment: $497

Three payments of $174


Who will teach me?

That would be me, your new career coaching BFF, Alexa Shoen. I believe that everybody deserves their shot at an extraordinary career. I can teach you how to get there.

There’s no reason to settle for a job that doesn’t look anything like what you imagined for yourself. There’s no need to keep waiting to be happy. This program is designed to support you in getting hired into the roles you've been eyeing up (or haven't even heard of yet!), and also in getting the life that you want.

The students I teach are getting up to big, extraordinary things.They don’t play small.They don’t apologize for wanting a better, more exciting, more interesting career. And the coolest part? They know how to go after it. They know how to make it happen.


Why does #ELB School exist?

Because I know how much the job search sucks. I spent the first 5 years of my career banging my head against the wall and trying to figure out why getting hired was so hard–but then, I cracked the code. And I wrote it all down.

#ELB School teaches you to utilize the job search methodology followed by the world’s most hirable people. This is the cheatsheet. It’s your fastest route to getting hired.

You will learn to use the exact tools, templates, and know-how that have worked for me and hundreds of my students. With #ELB School, you can go out and get yourself hired into the jobs you actually want.


What #ELB School Alumni Say...


“I wanted to send you a note to tell you that I got a new job as a Junior UI/UX Designer at XXXXX Media! They have an office in DC and NYC, so I'm hoping that it will be the best of both worlds.

I wanted to say thank you so much for your help in ELB School! This new job title is exactly what we had talked about aiming for, and I am happy that you helped me decide to stay in DC (and now I still have the chance to work out of their NYC office sometimes). I'm really happy about this end to my job search, and you definitely helped me get there, so thank you so much!”

- Tori

"I was lost, and feeling like I was hitting one hopeless dead end after another. Like the true rockstar Alexa is, she entered my life with #ELB School at the exact perfect moment.

My time in #ELB School cut out the self-doubt and background noise and made me realize that I am already my own kickass boss, and I needed to start owning it! This program gave me focus, clarity, an action plan that I can say will be leading back to Europe, and more importantly, the opportunity to lead a life and career I not only want, but deserve to have. Alexa is AMAZING and I'm so glad to have her in my corner as friend and coach.

She not only going to be your biggest cheerleader throughout this, but she is going to help you be confident in being able to navigate your career destiny on your terms, not the ones the world fools you into think you have to follow. So if you're thinking of #ELB School stop hesitating. Invest in yourself and DO IT!"

- Phoebe

"I joined #ELB School towards the beginning of my second entry-level job search for two reasons: 1) to help hold myself accountable to the process, and 2) to learn from Alexa's career experience that I'd come to know through her email newsletter.

Alexa started the process with a personal call that really helped me focus and stay motivated throughout the rest of the six weeks. The most helpful part of the process was Alexa's candid feedback and advice – (through individual emails and group calls) – on everything from my resume to how I approach people for informational interviews. I really appreciated that she had a thoughtful answer to every question posed in group calls, but did not beat around the bush with her advice.

Overall, my biggest takeaway was learning how to approach the job search from a position of power and confidence – and to begin bridging the gap from entry level to mid level in my career. Thank you, Alexa!"

- T

"All of your posts, readings + assignments have been a super helpful to refer back to when I felt stuck in my job hunt.

I love your super sensible advice. Thank you for always pulling me back down to earth ;). I'll use the steps you've outlined to track and make sure I'm moving the needle in a practical way."

- Michelle


Enrollment open from May 22 - June 1