Great news. It's time to stop applying for jobs like it's 1983.

Hey, friends.

Well, it was a red letter day in Berlin. I took a full two hours to walk home from my client's office, doing all that charming European stuff like wandering into independent book shops along the way, stopping here and there to (literally) smell the roses. I have a real thing for Berlin flower shops, as it were.

So, over the weekend, I became completely obsessed with this article I read on Medium. It's written by Mikael Cho, who is apparently the co-founder of a Montreal-based startup called Crew.

Go read it immediately. The whole thing. It's a wonderful crash course in how to apply for jobs in the 21st century, and it inspired this week's episode. I am completely flabbergasted at the emotional disconnect that happens in the hiring process these days. I understand being nervous, but there's a difference between being professional and being too formal in a bizarre, outdated kind of way.

Your number one takeaway should be this: start talking to recruiters as if they're humans, man.

Anyway, I highlight a few of his better points in this episode -- and I also highlight another startup that has really got it going on as far as The Future of Hiring is concerned.

[Watch] #entrylevelboss Episode 4: Stop applying for jobs like it's 1983

Excited to hear your thoughts on this one.


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