It's going to be like Survivor meets American Idol meets the Jerry Lewis telethon

Hey, friends.

I know, I know, it's only Tuesday. But it is Kickstarter central over here, and I wanted to quickly fill you all in on what's going on for me this week. As some of you know, I've decided it's time to record another album. I'm calling it The Human Jukebox Project.

Why another album? Because I'm a singer. It's like, my main keyword. It is part of me. It's as real to me as my middle name. (Which is Lawton, by the way. A name I've found you can really pronounce properly with a British accent.) I wear a lot of hats, and I'm cool with that. But singing, for me, is something I just can't ever give up. I wouldn't make sense without it.

And a quick #entrylevelboss sidebar on this Kickstarter album. As we know, I'm a big believer in creating your own opportunities -- and hacking your own resume. There are a lot of ways to get experience without going to more school or taking on an underpaid internship. In this case, I'm running my own Kickstarter, which means I then get to advise my clients on their Kickstarters with an actual track record behind me. You feel me?

You beautiful, wonderful #entrylevelboss supporters will be getting an inside look at this project as it progresses, naturally. So, I wanted to fill you in on some of the details before the Kickstarter opens tomorrow.

So, The Human Jukebox Project!

  • None of the tracks have been decided on yet. By backing the project, you get to vote on (or even flat-out buy!) which songs make it onto the album. I trust you. Y'all have good taste. How? $1 = one vote. The more you pledge, the more votes you get. A few hardcore fans have already started campaigning to defend their selections and bring together an alliance of voters, which I think is utterly and completelyawesome.
  • Once it's recorded, I will release it for free to download and to stream.
  • I'm touring this album to Berlin (August 28), Philadelphia (October 10)Chicago (October 16), and San Diego (December 26). This is the best-best part, because it means I get to see a lot of you.

All will be revealed tomorrow, but I wanted you guys to be in-the-know first. I wouldn't hold out on you like that. Sleep tight, we'll talk again in the morning.

Alexa, The Human Jukebox