I just put a hard ban on To Whom It May Concern

Hey, friends.

Holy moly, this has been a day. I filmed #entrylevelboss Episode 6 this morning, filmed the explainer video for my #thehumanjukebox Kickstarter album this afternoon, got thrown into a last-minute project, and just came back from hanging out at Kickstarter's German launch cocktail party. I even worked out! So, high-fives for everybody, and especially for those who also felt super productive today.

As we know, I've been chatting for the last couple of weeks about how to improve your communication, and get straight to what it is that you really want or need. I know I've helped some of you so far, which feels pretty gosh darn great -- but I don't want to leave any rock unturned or any assumption still assumed, so I'm going to break it down a bit further.

Which reminds me. The balance--nay, the manifesto!--that I want to achieve with#entrylevelboss is this: I want to (1) gently remind you that you don't have to stick with the safe choice, (2) open your mind up to the other possibilities there are available aside from taking the job you think you're supposed to take, and (3) show you a couple of sweet content marketing and communication tricks that will make it easier, more efficient, and less scary for you to go after what you want (or better deal with what you've got).

So, today we do hard skills. In this week's episode, I break down the email into four big components: subject line, how you address the email, the actual body content, and how you sign off. And then I walk through it step-by-step.

Learn how to break it down and put it back together again in #entrylevelboss Episode 6.

As always, if you have questions, I'm here.

Big love,

PS: The town has been abuzz with excitement because of the Kickstarter launch this week. The project to check out? Nuimo, made by my friends at Senic. It's kind of like a Nest device, but for your whole house.