On music and experience and hacking your own skillset

Hey, friends.

Me again. Today is the launch day for my (hypothetical!) upcoming album, The Human Jukebox Project. If you click on that link, you can learn all about the project in detail. If you'd like to participate (and vote! and come to a Pop-Up Party!), I am sending you a big, fat thank you for that right this very second.

It's been a musical day all around, for me. Aside from Kickstarting, I also got to rehearse with some super talented musicians for a private party gig we're doing in this crazy, mirrored secret room on Friday night.

I mentioned yesterday that part of the reason I am doing Kickstarter is to gain experience on the platform. It's true. I've hacked my way into a lot of the skills listed on my CV. Here are a couple other examples:

1. I'm working on content strategy right now for this rockin' fashiontech label called ElektroCouture. Last weekend, we shot a brand video (my idea) and I was there to help architect the whole thing. I sat and fed questions to our CEO, Lisa, and helped her work through lines. At the end, I thought, "Huh. I guess I kinda know how to content produce a video now."

2. In my first internship out of college, I made a couple suggestions on copy for an advertisement. They asked if I would be interested in continuing to help -- paid, remotely -- when I went away for my Masters. I said yes. That's how I started freelance copywriting.

3. The first time I ever explored social media marketing was to promote my own music while doing my Masters. I wasn't necessarily good at it, but when I was later asked in interviews if I knew how to set up and run a Facebook page, I could say, "Yes."

Not everybody wants to market their own content. I get that. I wrote a blog post recently about why, personally, I do -- and why it helps me get better at my "day" job. It's called Doing Your Own Content is the New Doing Your Own Stunts, if you wanna check it out.

I don't advocate for everybody becoming an entrepreneur, but I do think that creating your own opportunities and "hacking" a couple hard skills onto your own resume, especially early in your career, is a great thing.

And now I'm curious. Anybody got any skills they're looking to explore? Happy to help you brainstorm how to get some real-life experience in that field.

Big hugs,


The Human Jukebox Project!