Something big is happening this week

Happy Monday, angel.

As you may have already caught on from that image up there, we have cause to celebrate this week.

This upcoming Saturday, my sweet little career advice baby turns two. 

I'll keep it real for you. Thanks to this whole "I moved to London" thing, I almost skipped over this milestone.

Moving to a new city has sent me spinning a little bit. I can feel the exhaustion set in some days. It's the Panic, and the mindfucks, and the "Will I ever figure this out?" anxiety.

But you know what? I also think it kind of might be a good thing. For you, and for me.

If I feel like I'm grasping at straws again, it just means I am even more determined to go figure things out and translate them back into bite-sized lessons that you can follow through on, week in and week out.

So, I'm getting up every morning and setting to work with figuring it all out. And then I'm coming here, to tell you what I learned.

Because it's true what they're saying out there, you know? Careers aren't linear anymore.

That ladder you were supposed to climb has become a 4D monster, constantly shifting and decaying and moving and sprouting new heads.

And my sole mission is to keep delivering knowledge that will make this feel less scary. More like a riddle to solve, and less like a scam.

It's what I've been doing for the last two years, and it's what I will continue to do from here on out.

Stick with me.

I'll be sending you stories, memories, fan favorites, and greatest hits all week long.

Up first? The #ENTRYLEVELBOSS origin story. The Genesis of our hero's tale.

It's March 18, 2015.

I'm stewing in my flat in Berlin. Thinking.

I put together a little list of 100 email addresses--just friends and family I hoped would be interested in following along--and I write up a little message.

I will be starting a YouTube show, I announce.

It's called #entrylevelboss. And I'm doing it because starting a career sucks. And instead of helping, I'm noticing that a lot of grownups seem to take pleasure in pointing and laughing at anyone who's brave enough to try.

Nobody teaches us how, you know. And that is absolutely ridiculous.

So, screw all of you, grownups. I may not know everything, but I made it out the other side of my quarter-life crisis without literally dying... So, I'm gonna run with that, for now. I'm passing information lifeboats out to everybody who still needs one.

The next week, I launched Episode 1.

(Don't get too excited. It only lasted for five episodes, one of which I accidentally deleted when I was trying to change my Channel settings or something.)

Excited to spend this week with you, friend.

Looking forward to recapping what we've learned so far, and making plans for what comes next.

As always...

PS: If ever there was a time to SHARE, this is the week. Dig through the archive and find your favorite old email to post on Facebook. Email the #ELB signup link to three friends. Go spread the vibes.