On running off to join the circus


Fate has just struck. Literally, just now.

I just opened up MailChimp to write you this email, and I titled it "On Running Away To Join The Circus."

And then I kinda paused. I got up, and stretched. I'm in a funk today, and I didn't really know exactly how to write about it.

Then, I looked at my phone. And this had just been posted.

Literally, it was at the top of my Facebook feed.

I leave it here without comment, but with a to-do list:

1. Stand up (this is only gonna take five minutes)
2. Find your headphones
3. Or even better, turn your volume up really fucking loud
4. Watch this video
5. Go be the fucking iceberg

You'll get it when you watch.

Maybe I'll write something later this week.