Pause, it's about to get sentimental AF

Hi friend,

I was going to write you a different email just now.

It was just gonna be a reminder about this free career coaching call, Hired For The Holidays, that I'm hosting for you this Sunday (Dec 17) at 11AM Pacific.

Which, by the way, you should definitely attend so that you can talk to me on the phone about all your job-stuff questions for free.

That was all I was going to say.

But then I had a moment of clarity last night in a pub in Dublin.

The funny thing about moments of clarity is, you don't realize how often you don't have them until you get one -- and that's most certainly what happened to me while sipping a half-pint of Guinness and waiting to meet up with colleagues for dinner.

It will surprise exactly none of you to know that I'm always thinking about what's coming next, .

I find it so easy to look forward. To spend zero time thinking about how far I've just come, or celebrating what I've already accomplished, because I can so obviously see the giant mountain still ahead.

Maybe you're the same way.

But, over this half-pint of Guinness, I had one of those rare moments where I was strong enough to press pause on all my ambitions and reflect on how much I wanted to be where I am now.

I looked around, and I thought...

Holy shit.

I'm on a work trip in Dublin!

I live in London, with permission to do exactly as I please thanks to the most prestigious visa status in the United Kingdom.

I have one of the most covetable day jobs on the planet, working for one of the most innovative employers in the world.

I can understand those Germans weighing up the benefits of ordering a hot toddy down the bar from me.

I released two music videos last week, which I shot with an incredible team of artists in an abandoned Berlin airport.

I'm growing a business that changes people's lives. A career coaching company that successfully teaches the very difficult art of job searching.

I help thousands of people play by the 2017 rules, instead of the 1987 ones.

I help thousands of people learn how to get themselves in the door.

I help thousands of people become professionally fearless in what can be a very scary world.

It is not enough.

God, it certainly never feels like hardly anything at all.

But, right now, in this brief moment of clarity, I can pause and state the facts and remember that it really is quite something.

Especially considering that, this time exactly four years ago, I felt positively comatose in San Francisco and saw no path to get here.

And I so very badly wanted to be here.

And that's something I was willing AF to toast to myself about, with my half-pint of Guinness. On my work trip. In Dublin.

I really hope you'll hop on the phone with me this Sunday. Even if you don't have any questions, and just want to talk. Even if you don't want to talk, and just want to listen.

I'll be there. 

To tell you that you're not crazy. To tell you that it's not too late. To tell you that things are about to turn around.

And to teach you exactly how to move forward.

I know what's possible for your career and your life because I have done it.

I tend to forget that sometimes, but gosh--I really, honestly have.

Rooting for you so hard.

Speak in a few.

Big love,