One final homework assignment

Hey friend,

In news surprising no one, I am procrastinating on packing for San Diego right now. I fly tomorrow, for two weeks of holiday sunshine.

I never know what to pack. Leave me to my own devices and I'll wind up with seven pairs of Lululemons, a leather skirt, and a frantic day 1 trip to Target.

Anyway, Christmas is coming. I can practically feel the year winding down, so I want to send you one final pre-Santa note.

During my Hired For The Holidays call over the weekend, I worked directly with dozens of you to intimately strategize about how to job search during this time of year.

But whether you're looking for new gig right now or not, listen up. Because I've got one final homework assignment for you in 2017.


Here's your assignment:

Go recommend your favorite coworkers on LinkedIn. Pick three people who have been influential in your career thus far or been kind enough to give you some advice this year.

(They don't have to be current colleagues. They could be mentors, someone you interned with, someone you volunteered alongside.)

Take the time, and tell them exactly how they've positively impacted your career. Be thoughtful, professional, and warm.

Write four sentences about why working with them is such a blast, and what their greatest strengths are.

Here's one I wrote last year:

"As cheesy as it might sound, ____ is--quite obviously--a fast-rising star.

From my first week on the job, I was deeply taken with ____'s capability to not just listen, but to actively coax out the opinions and suggestions of others. Including, always, the more junior designers in the room. He is kind beyond measure.

It's the sort of authentic, natural leadership that people teach about in business books, and that you very rarely see in person.

Beyond being a brilliant executor of his craft, _____ is destined to lead a design team to greatness someday soon.

Crossing my fingers that we get to work together again sooner rather than later."

It will pop up as an awesome surprise in their inbox, and they will think of you fondly. And--bonus--they may even return the favor.

You guys know I'm all about the long game.

This is something you can do today that will make someone smile, positively impact their career, positively impact your own career, and generally pay off dividends for years to come.

Now, go make Mama happy. Write back and tell me when you've done it.

Happy holidays, doll.

Big love,