Rest easy, kid

It's been a hot minute, hasn't it?

I'm jumping onto hotel wifi to check in with you, on account of I'm in Galway (like, Ireland) for the next couple days.

Just arrived with USA BFF Sara, after showing off some truly impressive left-side-of-the-road motoring skills on the freeway from Dublin this morning.

I'm honestly having the world's best month as far as travel is concerned, and you should follow along on Instagram as per usual. Ireland this week, and then forcefully unplugging myself to the best of my ability in Italy next week.

And then, in June, I'm starting a very big new project. I've been wanting to talk to you about it. I still can't yet, but I promise I'll unpack everything in true ELB-style here in a couple more weeks.

Anyways, while all this is happening, I'm unfortunately riding a massiveanxiety wave. My brain keeps dipping into hardcore doom-and-gloom mode, for no specific reason, every few minutes, all day long. Gross.

I've been working really hard at training and guiding my thought patterns over the last 6-8 months, so I'm pretty good at fighting my way out of it, but it's a constant practice--which in itself can be kinda tiring.

And I was doing this thought training thing on the drive from Dublin to Galway today, and this phrase popped into my head:

It's okay, my child, you've done enough today

Which is the subject line of an email I wrote you about this time last year. I went and looked it up when I got to the hotel just now.

It's a good one--about unemployment anxiety, and how to unchain yourself from the job search spiral of doom. 

Will leave it here for you, if you need it.

Right then.

I'm breaking out of this hotel room.

I see an open mic night and a Guinness in my immediate future.

Deep breaths from me to you, and back again.

Big love,

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