And now, for a plot twist (some personal news from me)

Hi friend,

I've been wanting to write you this email for weeks.

And now that I've got flights booked and I passed a background check and all that good stuff, it feels like I can finally tell you...

...that, in a bit of a plot twist, I've decided to take a full-time job myself.

Starting this Monday, I'll be joining the Facebook team as a Content Strategist in their London office.

Writing it down and shipping out this email feels a little surreal -- like it's the kind of thing that someone else is announcing, and not me.

But it's actually, really happening. And I knew it wouldn't feel real until I told you about it.

I'm definitely excited. You all know I love working in tech, and I'm going to be tinkering away on some crazy-cool projects at this crazy-massive scale. I'll be doing the kind of stuff I love doing.

And I'll be working with a team. And, with the London move and with my life and my heart the way they are, I'm really stoked to be joining a team.

I fly out to San Francisco (yes, weird/ironic) this weekend for two solid weeks of onboarding at HQ, and then I'll be diving in back at the London office.

As for us? Do not fret.

This is not the end of #ENTRYLEVELBOSS.

My new team knows about it, and we should be all good to go. I will not be explicitly talking about the ins and outs of my new day job, just like I've never explicitly talked about projects with previous clients. I will not be recruiting for (or against) them. I will not be creating some sort of, like, weird insider spy blog.

But I will continue sharing. I will always continue sharing.

I started documenting my own career, in real time, almost two and a half years ago. If you've dug all the way back through my archive, all the emails are there to prove it.

I did it to process why 21st-century careers are so messy and exhausting. I did it to make sense of how I got to where I got to, and to try and articulate where I thought I might be going. And, most importantly, I did it to help you keep up. (Not with me, but with the world. Because the world can be so very hard to keep up with.)

For me, this is an adventure--one that's bigger than anything I've done before. And yet, it's also just another new project.

Because you know me. I love new projects.

Always here. Always rooting for you.

Big love,

PS: I know, I know. You're going to ask me how I got this job. I promise: I will share some big takeaways with you in next week's email.

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