Hold up while I freestyle on the mic

Hey, friends.

I "discovered" podcasts early last year, which I took to be a sign that I'd truly completed the transition from my early 20s to my mid-to-late 20s.

I listen to them when I'm making dinner, when I'm on the train in Berlin, and when I'm falling asleep at night. (That's probably not heathy, but I mean--choose your battles.)

And I guess I must really be all in. Because, as of today, I now have a podcast of my very own! Ladies and gentlefolk, may I please present, for the first time ever...

The #entrylevelboss Podcast!

YAY! There are already six episodes up and ready for you to devour on SoundCloud and iTunes right this second--and then you'll get a new episode every single Wednesday from here on out. (Just wait for Episode 8! The first #entrylevelboss interview!)

Every episode runs about 30 minutes, and will cover a topic similar to what you've come to expect from my emails--with more depth, more color, more personal anecdotes.

Basically, it's the #entrylevelboss gospel straight from my actual mouth in, like, 5.1 surround sound. 

Two ways to find us and listen:

1. Search "entrylevelboss" in the iTunes store (or Podcasts app).
2. Stream us on SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/entrylevelboss

Oh, and you may have noticed on that screenshot up there... but this is no longer just a one-woman show. That's right, darlings. It's time to meet your new favorite co-host: Hanna Lisa Hafercamp.

A fellow Berlin-based creative boss, Hanna Lisa totally aced early career life. After working her way up as a McKinsey consultant, she became the COO of a 60-person startup at age of 25. These days, she's building her own incredible business.

And you should really just listen to Episode 1 to hear our whole origin story...

I cannot wait to hear what you think, to get your ideas for new episodes and interview guests, and most importantly, to answer your #entrylevelboss questions. We're ready. Bring it on.




Big love,

PS: Already have a burning question you want to submit to the podcast? Hit me! Reply to this email, or send us your story at hello@alexashoen.com

PPS: If you're new to podcast listening as of today, welcome to the best addiction ever. Once you're done with all six of our eps, I highly suggest checking out my favorite podcast episode of all time: Choir Boy by Love + Radio. Come back with your recommendations, too!