Reunions and Crushes and Tribes

Hey friend.

Man oh man, it's been a productive few weeks around here. We've now released seven episodes of the brand-new #entrylevelboss podcast. We are ready to start taking your questions, too, so send 'em in.

I'm in and out of town for pretty much all of May and June. Tomorrow, I pop over to Chicago (I use the term "pop" very loosely) for my--wait for it--five year college reunion.

I'm currently getting a new group text notification every five seconds about remembering to bring pillow cases and shower shoes. Sleeping in the dorms sounded fun, I think, until we remembered we were sleeping in the dorms.

Hayyy. Here I am graduating, which apparently happened five years ago. Slightly drunk. Very tired. Not really following any kind of dress code.

Hayyy. Here I am graduating, which apparently happened five years ago. Slightly drunk. Very tired. Not really following any kind of dress code.

I'm not nervous, if you were wondering. I've bought two new pairs of shoes for the occasion and most all my best crushes are now either married, boring, or probably not attending.

But, as is the #entrylevelboss way, I'm looking forward to spending time with the tribe. The power of community is not ever to be underestimated.

For the professional human adult, it can be easy to forget the communities of your past. You moved out of your hometown after high school. You graduated college. It's been years since you thought about that summer camp.

It's natural to discount those parts of your life as over and done. But I urge you to reconsider. Not to keep in touch with every person you went to second grade with, but to simply remember which tribes you belong to in the first place.

Off the top of my head, some of mine are:
- people who went to my college
- people who went to my high school
- people from San Diego also living abroad
- people who have family ties to Las Vegas
- people who like jazz and also work in tech
- the Geekettes and women-in-tech in general
- the Berlin tech community
- people who can also sing the whole Sister Act 2 medley, acapella

I could go on for a bit more, but I think you catch my drift. My tribes all relate to specific parts of my life that define me in a strong way.

Yours might be a religion, a travel baseball team, a language you grew up speaking. Something that bonds you rather instantly to other people, even strangers, who share that thing in common with you. Something that evokes a feeling of nostalgia that takes you back to a certain place in time.

So, why bring this up today? Because, dear, it is about who you know... only, you might not realize you know them yet.

Make yourself a conscious list of all the tribes you belong to, and always be on the lookout for your kindred tribals. Those are the people who will be willing to reach out a hand and help when you need a favor.

And I promise: you know so many more than you realize.

Big love,

PS: I owe you a few edits from last week's email, which I wrote way too late in the evening. Hanna Lisa Haferkamp, my insanely impressive podcast co-host, started her career at BCG. Not McKinsey. Though we did agree that both are very fine professional establishments. Check out her website ( to read her very awesome blog, The Journey.

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