It's our first birthday today, you guys!

Hey, friends.

Big news today! We just finished recording the very first episode of the upcoming #entrylevelboss PODCAST. I'm thrilled to tell you that we're doing a podcast--and more awesomely, that it really is a "we" these days. I'll be co-hosting the ELB podcast with the truly brilliant, equally pragmatic, warm-hearted, glorious Hanna Lisa Haferkamp.

Among other things, Hanna Lisa was the COO of a 60-employee marketplace startup here in Berlin by the time she was 26--and I cannot think of someone more well-suited to cohost the #entrylevelboss podcast than she.

And it's good timing. Because today is--can you believe it?--the first birthday of #entrylevelboss. I sent out the first version of newsletter to a few close friends, mentors, and family members exactly 365 days ago (back when it was still going to be a YouTube show!), and now there are literally hundreds of you who read this thing every week.

Hot damn, friends. Hot damn.

And now the podcast! And so many more exciting things to come. I also actually just got off Skype, where I got to talk about the #entrylevelboss life for my new friend Trish McFarlane's HR Happy Hour Show. Really cool to share what I'm about with a whole bunch of recruiters and HR people--it sort of feels like we're meeting at the table for negotiations, or something. But in a nice, pleasant way.

But enough about what's going on behind the scenes. What's most important is that this newsletter-thing I started continues to rage on through the weeks, and will keep doing so.

Instead, let me share with you a little story-slash-parable as I celebrate this one-year milestone. It's about when I propositioned Hanna Lisa into being my podcast co-host about a month ago.

We were sat at this café I go to a lot, laptop next to laptop, and I said, "You know what? We should co-host a podcast together."

And she sat back for a second, thought about it, and said, "Okay. When?"

We took five minutes to look at our GCals, put in a date, and that was that. We were off to the races.

And I think that's a pretty solid #entrylevelboss lesson to end on for Year One. That, in order to do whatever it is you're trying to do, you need to act. You need to send the email. You need to make the appointment. You need to hit Submit on that application.

So please just give yourself a date, and just go do the thing. Because, as I do like to say, success is just a series of to-do lists.

Big love,
Alexa "The Birthday Girl" Shoen

Twitter: @alexashoen
Snap: @alexashowtime

PS: Want to get me an #entrylevelboss birthday present? Of course you do. I happen to have two things on my wishlist.

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PPS: You people rule. One year down, and more to go. Thank you for reading, thank you for your excitement, thank you for your questions, and thank you for letting me help. Onwards.