And now the thing is complete

Hey, friends.

Hot tamale, it's been a busy start to March. A lot up of plates twirling and balls up in the air, but nothing to be too alarmed about. Most notably, the album is now OUT!! I released it to my Kickstarter backers last week and I've been slowly but surely making the rounds to start telling everyone I know.

It's pretty exciting stuff, and especially surreal when I hear that people have actually listened to it the whole way through. More than once, even. That they actually, really, truly like it.

So yeah, I'm pumped. The album is currently making its way through some paperwork to get onto Spotify and iTunes (and I'll alert you as soon as that happens), but it's already available for download and streaming on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. It's 100% free, or you can pay whatever you'd like via Bandcamp.

And if you get confused about how to download the album, just email me and I'll happily be your IT girl.
Anyways. I was really planning to write about something else today, but you know what? I'm going to just sit and milk this moment for a minute.

I finished an album.

An album. A Kickstarter. A guitarist. A bass player. A hundred days of singing on the internet.Eight songs. Eight arrangements. Eight keys. Eight intros and eight "how-do-we-end-it" decisions. Two music videos. Two videographers. A photographer. A makeup artist. A whole setlist (with even more tunes) that I've now played in multiple cities over two continents. Several venues and spaces. A graphic designer. Some paperwork. Some more rehearsals. The Human Jukebox Project. An album.

In today's day and age, there's a f*ckton of "content." I know, because I create a whole bunch of it myself. And that's exactly why I need to take a moment and sit back and pat myself on the back for this cool little thing that I've done.

Because this is not content. It's music.

And music does something funny, because it stands up against years and decades and against the 24-hour news cycle and says, "Nope. That's not how I operate." It stands the test of time, in its own little way.

I don't mean to say I've recorded some generation-defining album that will go on for the ages. Or who knows, maybei have. But whatever it is--this is a moment in time that won't get lost in my newsfeed. It will stick with a few people, who will get stuck on a particular track. The same way that I still get stuck on tracks made by my favorite independent artists, oh-so-many years after they recorded those tunes.

Maybe it's kinda dumb to write a whole newsletter just to congratulate myself. But I guess today's lesson is that, when you do something awesome, you get to take a minute. And stand back, and look at the thing you've just done, and say, "Hey. This is actually pretty sweet."

Because if we forget to let ourselves do that, just every once in a while--well, then what's the point?

So, good for me, man. Good for me.

Big love,

PS: I've had a few people very generously ask if they can retroactively give me some cash to support the album. First of all, thank you. Secondly, buying this album on Bandcamp is the easiest way for you to show your support and ensure that the next album--which I am already planning--will definitely get recorded. You can pay whatever you want on Bandcamp by clicking the Buy Now button.

PPS: I'll be back to spewing out good old fashion #entrylevelboss wisdom next week, I swear.