This one is actually mostly for the ladies

Hello, darlings.

Fall is here, and I'm wearing the new boots to prove it. I have a list *this* long of things to do before I leave for my little US tour in October, but never mind. It's gonna be (mostly) super fun to get it together, and everything should hypothetically go off without major hitches in the end.

Since it's fall, and since I'm wearing new shoes, I thought it was time to talk s-t-y-l-e.

I don't even pretend to be a fashion expert, but I have do have some comments on workplace-appropriate attire. For women, anyways. Men: go get yourself a nice, well-fitting pair of dark wash jeans and some crisp white shirts. Sorted.

Dressing for offices is hard. Business casual is hard. Startup chic is hard. Business dinners are hard. You must perfectly toe the line between no-nonsense professional and sexed-up secretary at any given time.

As with every other facet of your life, there's a shift one must make between university and work life when it comes to fashion. For better or worse, for four years of study, there's not a real difference for women between "dressing up" and "dressing slutty."

Which means i can sympathize with the naive college interns who are wearing Forever21 spandex to the office. Not joking, I really can. You get used to dressing so provocatively that you don't realize how out of place you look in grown-up world. But the world is what it is, dears. So, learn quickly.

Here's what I've figured out so far.

Express yourself with color, not cut. Safe bets: A-line skirts, midi-skirts, conservative-shape dresses. The office is not the place for fashion-forward shapes.

Someone told me once, "If you've got good shoes and a good bag, no one will question the rest." Not entirely true, but here's what I take from it: Chic with your accessories, simpler with your wardrobe.

Fabrics. This is probably the most important thing I will say: Wear. Thick. Fabrics. Thicker than you think you need to wear. You may not think your ass is catching attention in J Brand denim, but I promise you it is. Thick does not mean frumpy. It means not skimpy. Learn the difference.

I'm wearing a classic black dress that goes down to my knees. But people only notice the necklace.

You can still do stylish and edgy and sexy--to a degree. I'm a Creative. I kinda have to have a vibe. But never give anyone a reason to call you easy based on how you dress.


I won't ramble on about the implications of female misogyny and the male gaze in the office. I'll just say, Don't be naive, and don't be stupid. Is it fair? Nah. Should you play by the rules? Absolutely.

Looking forward to hearing your comments on this one.

Alexa x