How I landed a fancy fashion collaboration

Hey, friends.


Exciting news on my front this week. I've been dealing with some turmoil in the tour-planning world, but I got to announce publicly today that I've agreed to a fashion partnership--with the British label Anna Scholz--for my upcoming music video shoot in October.

I'm sure you're now thinking, A fashion partnership? You're in fashion now? What the hell is a fashion partnership? Hold up. You all know I wouldn't just leave you hanging like that. Quick and dirty, here's what happened leading up to me getting to announce this collaboration:

Step One. I decided to shoot a music video.

Step Two. I decided to actually shoot a music video. I called up a videographer, hair and make-up woman, and my band to secure a date where we could all get into the same room.

Step Three. I thought about how I might want to promote said video. I thought, partnering with a fashion label would make this feel like a bigger occasion. I may get to wear fun clothes. Could be fun. Let's do it.

Step Four. I researched, and made a list of 5-6 realistic fashion designers and brands that would be possibly interested in partnering on a music video. 

Step Five. I emailed them. With Anna, we actually started chatting via Twitter, and then I got in touch with her press team. That exact email, screenshotted for you here.

Pause for notes. A lot of well-intentioned business people throw around the word partnership and propose partnerships without specifying what on earth they're talking about. I told Anna's team exactly what I was talking about. I also explained why it was mutually beneficial to both parties.

Step Six. I spoke with her team over about a week and a half. I also spoke with other companies. Anna's team was my favorite, their clothes are fabulous, and they are excited about the end result.

Step Seven (to be done). I'll work with their team to choose product (clothes, that is) to feature in my video. They'll send me some stuff to borrow. It will turn out utterly dynamite for all involved.

Step Eight (to be done). Video gets made! Video goes out into the universe!

I wanted to lay this out for you today as specifically and simply as I could, so that you can see that it's just boring time and energy that goes into fancy announcements from people with cool jobs.

That there's nothing magic about it.

That no one gave me permission to do any of it.

That there's no fairy godmother who sorted it all out for me.

That I am not getting paid to do any of it. Yes, I get to borrow the clothes for free. And that's AMAZING. But I am paying my entire team out of my own pocket.

I don't say any of this to deter you, or to make it sound un-fun. Doing this kind of work is crazy fun--but remember that it isn't structured, and it doesn't usually pay great right off the bat.

A lot of people are out there wishing they could be a music video producer, or work in fashion, or run a non-profit, or whatever their Cool Job dream happens to be. I cannot stress enough that it is not that hard to be better than 97% of the people who are saying they want to do those things: just by getting up and actually starting to do them. Without permission. Without pay. Without someone forcing you to do so.

I'll let that be your food for thought for today.

As always, hit me up if you have opinions--ooh, or if you know any great shoe designers. I read (and cherish) all your replies. <3

One love,