Here's how those recruiters meetings went this week

Hey, friends.

Digging my swaggy new logo? I had it designed by this awesome woman I found on Instagram and it's perfect for the vibe of the new album. And quite pleased with how  turned out, too! Really feeling like I've got all the pieces together these days, I'm telling you.

On a related note, does ANYONE know where I can get business cards made on embossed velvet? Err, asking for a friend.

So, I'm back in Berlin finally--and while it's already Friday evening here, I couldn't leave you guys hanging with how all the recruiter stuff went this week. 

Cliff notes version: I completely botched the first one, and I completely rocked the second.

"Hey Alexa, why did you botch the first meeting? Are you or are you not the OG #entrylevelboss?"

Great question. Basically? I was underprepared. Admittedly, these meetings were not a do-or-die situation. I mean, I do this stuff as an experiment as much as anything else. But that's not an excuse--especially if I'm doing this to set an example for you friendly people.


I walked into the first meeting feeling confident. I sat down with the recruiter feeling confident. And then she opened her laptop to my LinkedIn.

Oh no!! I guess I figured she would have looked, of course--and my summary was fine, but my experience section (the part where you write what you do in each position) was totally not tailored to this meeting.

She started asking questions about things that I should not have even let her read in the first place, and I panicked. I had wanted to walk into this meeting in a position of power--and instead, I now felt like I was defending myself.


She was totally nice and told me to send her an updated portfolio as soon as it's ready. She could see the potential--I just didn't have enough to back it up right in that instant.

I felt a little silly. Like I hadn't followed my own advice.

I walked away and did the most important thing one can do in that moment. I had a coffee and shook it off.

It didn't take long for me to realize what had gone wrong.

The biggest mistake I made? Not pre-scripting my "Tell me about yourself" speech. I can pretty much do that spiel with my eyes closed, but I hadn't ever thought about what that speech would sound like to an advertising recruiter. I missed the mark, and I was too slow to recover.

The next day, I planned out what I needed to get across in advance. I edited my LinkedIn to suit the audience, in case she looked. And when the meeting started ("So, tell me what's going on with you!"), I knew exactly what to say in order to get across what I wanted from this interaction:

"Well, I'm coming at this from the tech world. I've been an independent copywriter for almost five years. I specialize in digital products, whether that's optimizing words while building an app or directing content strategy for social campaigns. I've never worked inside an agency, meaning I've gotten to experience a lot quite quickly. I'm looking to gauge where I might fit if I decided to look for a full-time position."

Boom, baby.

Just like that, the control was in my hands. The meeting went perfectly. I was in the game. 

Big love,

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