What they say is true (you have to start before you're ready).

Hey friend,

Kinda boring week.

As you know from my super-lame Instagramming, I hurt my back pretty badly and have been basically coiled up somewhere within a 50-foot radius of my bed, surrounded by painkillers and ice packs.

I did get an email regarding a drunken $50 donation I made to some kind of charity competition in the hopes of winning a date with Idiris Elba, though. They're announcing the winner this week so... raise one up to Jesus for me.



Two #entrylevelboss reminders from me today.

(1) I need everybody to re-read this email from last year, which is very aptly named 'I know why no one answered your email.'

So, go read that. It's for your own good.

To save yourself from ya' damn self.

(2) I was catching up with a friend this weekend who mentioned that she was filling out job applications.

Obviously, my ears perked up. I had no idea she was looking for a new job. Hadn't ever mentioned anything to me about it.

"Oh?" I said. "I thought you liked your job? Or what's up?"

"I do, I do," she replied. "I like it so much that I really want my boss' job--the department director, I mean--and she told me pointblank to my face that she has no intention of ever leaving her role."

"Ah. Well, that's rude of her."

"RIGHT?" she agreed. "So I'm not like, looking-looking, and it's nothing drastic yet but... I mean, there's just nowhere further for me to grow at this company, if that's really the case. And I figure, it's best to just keep an eye open so that, ultimately, I wind up leaving before I feel like I have to leave. Does that make sense?"

And I thought to myself: Yup. It makes all the sense.

Friend, the job search can be a lonnnnng process--longer than many of us like to admit. It's a slog, truly.

And once you get desperate? Oh good God--it feels like a century might come and go before you get hired.

So, start now. If you were planning on getting a new job before the summer starts? Start now.

Start slowly, go at your own pace. But you must start.

Because it might take longer than you think, and it's really a lot more pleasant when you feel in control through the whollleeeeeee process.

Go get it done, kid.

Rooting for you always.

PS: Did you miss my Valentine's Day email? I left you a love note and you can listen to it right here.

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