"I'm like the hip-hop mogul of HR"

"I'm like the hip-hop mogul of HR."

I apparently said this to my assistant, Hannah, at some point last year and she cannot get enough of it. In fact, she even made a meme about it.

And today really just feels like the right time to drop it. #ELBturnsTWO

(I did mean what I said, for the record. In the same way that Jay-Z might protect and mentor a protege, as I aspire to do for you.)

I've had a lot of fun digging back through the archives this week to pull out the best of #ENTRYLEVELBOSS, and wanted to spin a few more oldies for you as we head into the weekend...

The #ELB Youtube Show

OK, it only lasted 5 episodes (but one got deleted), but it's how this whole thing started.

Tune into an ep or two to see some rock solid starter-kit advice, and poke fun at my video editing skills.

Square Pegs, Recording Studios, Happiness

This is one of my favorite emails of all time. It's one of the first emails I wrote on the subject of escaping my Worst Year Ever™ in San Francisco, and how that escape saved me a little bit.

The Human Jukebox Project

In late 2015, I had a bit of a revelation. A singer since birth (but always one who avoided pursuing it on grounds of 'level-headedness'), I realized that music and I were never, ever breaking up. In fact, I was just gonna go ahead and do all of it.

While the whole #ELB crew (that's you) watched and followed and read along, I crowdfunded an interactive album, went on a 4-city tour, recorded three music videos.

Went a little viral in Mexico City, too.

Here's a particularly good email from that time period about producing the first music video.

The #ELB Podcast

I roped in co-host Hanna Lisa Haferkamp to discuss some of the biggest #ELB topics in depth for thirteen delightful episodes. All still available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

#ELB Spring Break 2017

Oh snap--you didn't think I'd let this birthday pass by without doing something super special, did you? Will be back in your inbox later today to tell you more about it....

Sending all of the hugs, and all of the vibes.