Don't mix up these two, okay?

Hey friend,

As you know from Instagram... I'm finally in London!! I live here now!!



Cannot tell you exciting it feels to know I don't have to carry three suitcases (and a backpack and a purse) up and down any more train platforms in the foreseeable future. I move into my new flat on Saturday and then we're really back in business.

But speaking of back in business....

With all the jumping around and moving from country to country, it's now been over two months since I did any 'real' work (AKA the kind I'm known for on LinkedIn).

It's not like I've been totally out of the game -- I worked with a couple clients over the holidays -- but nothing like my normal 100% booked-out output level. Which is now starting to feel kinda weird.

For the record, I did plan it this way. So that I wouldn't have a complete meltdown. And I haven't. Which is nice.

It's just that, well, now it's been two months and I could actually jump back into a routine on Monday and...

...and man-oh-man, it sure is easy to start equating "I'm not working" with "Nobody wants me", isn't it?

But they really, really aren't the same. And I've gotta pat myself on the back, because I've been really good about forcing myself to remember this for the last two months.

So whether you're looking for a new job or for your first job or for something entirely different all together: let's just all close our eyes and take a deep breath today.


*sits back from the computer*

I'm serious, close your eyes.

*annnnnnnd breaaaaaaaaaathe*

Okay, you can open them.

Now, you say this out loud and I will, too:

I'm pretty hot stuff. I'm good at what I do, and I'll be good at whatever I want to do. This is all gonna work itself out soon.

Right then. I feel better already.

PS: Missed a couple of my recent 'networking in new cities' emails? Can't remember if you read them or not? Good news: the day after I'm in your inbox, I always post these emails in my Archive. Dig through 'em whenever.