The 3 best bits of my very good week

Hi friend,

It's snowing in London. I'm sat at my favorite bar drinking a cappuccino--a place from which I am oft writing you this email. I'm watching big fat flakes fall from out wall-to-wall windows.

The vibe is so good.

And it's topping off a really good week in general.

First: I got really famous at the day job holiday party because I pulled out my best party tricks--see pic below. People are now interested in wearing my merch around the office. (Is it too on brand for me to say I am doing absolutely nothing to stop that from happening?)

Second: I released TWO new music videos. One, a song I wrote about a charismatic man. The other, a Brazilian duet about that sweet fantasy of being the one who got away. Both also include a little interview bit with me at the beginning.

Watch them both on my Facebook page--which just hit 4,000 likes! Rad.

Third: Registration is open for my annual free career coaching call, Hired For The Holidays. For two hours next Sunday, I am opening up the phone lines to answer all your job search questions, your existential crisis questions, your resume/CV questions, your networking questions.

I'm available for allllllll of it. It's my gift to you!

Why do I do this call every December? Because I know, first hand, how stressful it is to go into the holiday season feeling suffocated by career panic.

But I also know how to overcome it.

And better yet, use it to your advantage.

(Yes, really.)

I honestly do get it.

...The idea that someone at some family gathering is going to ask you about what you've been up to, when you actually cry every other day at work.

...The idea that someone is going to ask how work is going, when you hate your awful job so much you can't see straight.

...The idea that someone is going to assume you're working at all, when you've actually been unemployed for longer than you'd like to talk about.

It's no fun. And it's no way to spend this time of year.

I didn't magically start out as some superstar who knows how to handle all these situations, . Nobody just knows how to do this career stuff.

I over-thought every situation. I spent hours crafting emails I never sent. I played by what I thought were the rules. I figured out how to do the whole career thing--and especially the networking thing--by trial and error.

And now, barely a few years after finishing university, I teach the arts of job searching and career starting every day to thousands of people just like you.

Because it is something teachable. It is something learnable. And once you've cracked it, the entire world opens up before you.

Believe that. I do.

On next Sunday's call, I will spend about half an hour walking you through my top strategies for job searching through the holiday season.

And then those last 90 minutes are for you. The phone lines are open. Come talk it out with me.

Click here to 1-step sign up for email notifications about how to dial into the call and all that good stuff. You need to be on the list.

Sending you all my good vibes today, doll.

Big love,