What I'm working on in Berlin

Hi friend,

I'm in Berlin for the rest of the month working on.... my book proposal!

That's right, I've been talking with real literary agents and everything. That means the #ENTRYLEVELBOSS book is on track to start coming to life.

I'm so excited for this next chapter in ELB land.

Writing down my signature method of job searching effectively in the broken modern economy—this is the fundamental next step towards helping as many people as possible to navigate the employment market.

Writing this book gives me the platform to do that work and to help you get hired faster, in an even bigger way than #ELB School can. (Don't worry, #ELB School is opening for enrollment again at the end of the summer!)

On the other side of this process for me is a DIY self-help manual/bible for you.

And the first big step is to sit down and write the proposal, which is why I've trekked back in my happy place—AKA the cafés of Berlin where ELB began—to write.

What I've learned so far about book publishing:

For fiction books, you definitely have to write the whole book before you try to shop it around to any publishers. People want to know how it ends. They need to read the whole story.

For non-fiction books like mine, the process is really different. You 'only' have to write a proposal, which your agent then shops around to publishers. Basically, a couple of sample chapters, an outline, etc. That's what I'll be working on this week. Once it gets sold (which could be as soon as next month), I start to write the book-book.

The truth is, I've never wanted to be an author. Or rather, not never wanted to be, but never aspired to be, is more like it.

Writing has always just been a tool for me. A means to an end to explain what I need to explain and say what needs to get said.

What I have always wanted, is to help people.

Not just people. To help YOU.

I believe so much in you.

I really believe that, with the right tools, you can bend the big scary professional world to whatever shape you desire. You are so capable of career magic. I know, because I've done it myself, and now I'm going to write it all down in this book for you just as fast as I can.

And in the meantime, I'll be here. Listening to your questions, rooting you on, and sharing how it's all going along the way.

Big love,