[VIDEO] Meeting my book agent!

Hey friend,

MAJOR NEWS: I met with the people who are becoming my literary agent team this week, and I am buzzing.

Too buzzing to write, in fact.

I needed to virtually look you in the eye and tell you all about it in my own voice, so I made you this video right after the meeting on Wednesday. Click to watch the 8-minute video.

In the video, I talk about why meeting my literary agent became a lightning bolt realization moment for me—you know the kind, where another piece of the puzzle drops into place.

I realized that I'd been counting yourself out of the game, . Me. A career coach! Without even realizing it, I'd already decided this book was going to fail. That all changed after this meeting.

Because, like I told you on Instagram earlier this week, your career starts the day you *really* realize you're the only one in charge of it.

Funny: I actually wrote that in the cab 20 minutes before the meeting started, and I don't think I really understood if for myself until the meeting was over. We love standing in our own way and blocking the door without noticing, don't we?

Click here to watch my 8-minute video to learn about why you don't even notice you're in your own way right now.... and how you can break through that mental barrier that's holding you back.

Write me back and tell me what you're going to do next to further your career after watching this video. I want to know which applications you're sending in, which classes you're signing up for, which emails you're sending.

I'm always listening. Always rooting for you.

Big love,