So, you're gonna follow your dreams

Hey friend,

Back in California for work this week. Super jetlagged, but writing this newsletter to keep my eyeballs open for a few more minutes so that I can ultimately go to sleep at an appropriate hour.

Before flying west, I spent the most delightful Sunday in this gorgeous empty coworking space to get interviewed for a London-based podcast called The Work We Do.

Victoria and I explored our thoughts about entrepreneurship in the interview, and I wanted to share some of those thoughts here.

I know I don't talk about entrepreneurship very often in this email.

I believe in getting hired. I believe there is a necessary skill set one needs to know in order to find work in 2018 and beyond, and that's exactly what I teach and coach. I teach you how to become a hot commodity in the employment market.

If you want to spin that off into your own business, go for it. It's a very transferrable skill.

But I don't teach entrepreneurship. I teach the job search.

Even still, I hear from so many readers who also want to do something magical and amazing and artistic and entrepreneurial. Especially when I put out Instagram stories about shooting music videos or getting interviewed on podcasts. The glam stuff.

I hear from my own friends, too -- people who want to photograph weddings, start a fashion label, build a business, become a DJ, whatever.

I never treat it like it’s a joke. Dreams are not jokes. I always take it seriously.

And I ask: Cool, what’s the next step?

This throws people. A lot.

They immediately start running through excuses for me, instead of action items:

“Well, I work full-time. I hate my job. I couldn’t get the time off. I don’t know any engineers. Maybe I’ll take the winter off. Or I could quit?”

Alternatively, they back out of it:

“Haha! I mean I would if I could. I have an AMAZING idea.”


So what’s your next step?

I will tell you what it is not: quitting your day job in a flash of light, riding off into the sunset, and living out your dreams as the credits roll.

It *is* getting interviewed on a Sunday afternoon after 3.5 years of sending out a newsletter. It is waking up a little early next week to take a client call. It is writing this newsletter after a full day of work, with one eye closed due to jetlag. It is calling a videographer to get a quote for how much it would actually cost. It is the extra ten hours of doing your taxes.

It is a grey area. It is slow, and pleasant, and boring, and promising, and tiring.

If you are chilling & fulfilled & having a nice time, this message is not for you.

But if you keep wasting your time talking about all your big plans, without taking any tangible action, all I have to say is:


Sounds doable.

What’s your next step?

Big love,