Love you, but I love me, too

Happy Valentine's Day, friend.

Whether we've known each other for a few decades, a few years, or a few hours--I'm thinking about you today.

Because, cheesy and trite as it may be, I still think we all deserve to have someone think about us on the 14th of February. I know you do. And I know I do, too.

This year, I gave myself a cool self-love present that I wanted to tell you about, so that you can maybe go create your own.

Actually, I take that back, I gave myself two presents.

The first was an 85-minute massage with an excellent masseur named Diego. And, yo, if it had not been just completely inappropriate to do so, I would have asked him to be my Valentine. What a talent.

The second present, though, that's what I want to talk about.

For the first time in a billion years, I made a photo album.

I went back into the depths of my own Facebook, my own IG, all my tagged photos, all my selfies...

...and I took a ton of screenshots, and I posted them all on my Instagram Story (@alexashoen). I call it:

My Very Unofficial Collection of All My Fave Pics Of My Damn Self

For example, this one made the cut…


It may seem so silly, but it was just what I needed.

Looking back over all these pics, I could see myself change and evolve and giggle. Through all the years, all the continents, all the crushes, all the jobs, all the ideas, all the big plans, all the bum days...

I could see myself from all these different angles, in all these different chapters of my life. And upon selecting and posting all 54 images (yes, really) I could only come to one conclusion.

Man, I'm dope.

Best V-Day gift ever.

I highly recommend you do the same if you need a little boost today (or any day).

We spend so much time zoomed in our flaws and our mistakes, don't we? So, take five little minutes to go hunting for your MVP moments instead.

After all: if you don't know what your favorite version of you looks like, how will you possibly recognize them the next time they come around?

Send me (or tag me in) your favorite pics, I wanna see them!

Big love,


PS: I love you.