Following up...

Hey friend,

Yesterday, I sent you some homework. Today, I want to encourage you to actually do it.

Yep, seriously.

It's a simple assignment, but a profound one. Designed to stop you from dwelling on your career rut for yet another day... and think about what comes next instead.

Because happiness is impossible unless it’s quantifiable. If you want a job that will make you happier than the situation you're in now, you need to find out for yourself what happiness means to you. Explicitly.

It’s too easy to get distracted and lose another month to procrastination. It's too easy to get sidetracked talking about the far-off future and forget to take a step forward this week.

I invite you to take a step forward and get clear about what it is that you want.

What does a happy career situation mean to you?

Is it just straight-up more money?

More vacation days?

Is it working for yourself?

A shorter commute?

Is it working in a place with people closer to your own age?

For a company whose values you agree with?

With more opportunities to make friends or find mentors?

Or less pressure to socialize with colleagues?

For a startup? Are you sure?

For a cooler company in general?

What does "cooler" mean to you?

Which is it? What do you want?

Take a step by answering all these questions—even if it’s just a yes or no. See what else comes to mind. And then decide which ones are your top 3 non-negotiables.

Write it all down. Email me back your answers.

I'm really holding you to this. I'm challenging you to stop fawning over the idea of happiness, or obsessing over why your current job situation sucks. I want you to tell me what you want. This is your chance! 

Big love,