Congrats, graduates!

Hey friend,

It's been a very busy few weeks around here. Most importantly:

The first #ELB School students of 2018 are #graduated, as of this past weekend!!

We spent the better part of two months together, working week-by-week through the job search process.

I was honored to work with some truly amazing students -- some of whom have already gotten hired into their perfect-fit jobs, and others of whom had big interviews this week (!).

I can't wait for the emails I'll receive from them in the coming days. The ones that start with Holy Crap You'll Never Guess Where I Just Got Hired and tend to have a lot of exclamation points.

Receiving those emails is the best friggin' part of teaching #ELB School.

I want to publicly (as public as this newsletter is, anyway) celebrate all of my newest graduates on their awesomeness this week.

You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are going places. And I am so very delighted to know you. We did it!

Now, Alexa, what's next?

The next round of #ELB School won't open up for enrollment until mid-May... but until then...

As you probably saw on Facebook, I put on an incredible gig here in London a couple weeks ago. And it made me feel alive, and feel better, and feel like myself.

I will be spending a lot of this weekend (and month) writing new songs, planning new gigs, and making music. And then I'll come back next week, and tell you all about it.

Because all I want to do right now is just make some music. And maybe make out with Scottish boys. They're so charming, don't you think?

Anyway, I hope you also spend some time this week doing something that makes you happy, too.

Go fight your own schedule, fight your own excuses, fight your own inner monologue. Just fight like hell to make time for the magic--whatever magic means to you.

Because the time will not just appear, you know? It never does. In fact, it will usually straight-up vanquish, if you aren't careful.

So, go fight like hell. Carve out that time. Chip away at the day until you find an hour.

You deserve an hour of magic. And so do I.

Big love,