Stranded at the airport

Hi friend,

Here's a riddle for you.

Four hours ago, I boarded a plane to San Diego. Tucked myself in for the long haul. An hour and a half later, I'm back where I started.

...I'm stuck at Heathrow.

At least for the rest of the afternoon. I always feel sorry for people who get overly exasperated in these situations. It looks so exhausting to be that annoyed. Save your energy for the bigger battles, love.

image1 (6).JPG

Delays aside, I'm picking up the pace again for the end of this year. Which feels really good. Makes me feel like me, in fact.

I realized recently that I've been desperately craving that feeling of forward motion (aren't we all) and I figure, the easiest way to get that sensation is on a mothertrucking airplane.

In London, you're always starting and stopping -- in traffic, or on the tube, or crossing the street -- and, as a friend wisely put it this week, you simply never feel like you can get any momentum.

It's a metaphor for something, I'm sure of it. 

Anyway, I practically felt out of practice coming to the airport this morning. Can't be having none of that.

So planes it is. Because I intend to finish the year moving a bit more quickly -- providing this one I'm supposed to get on tonight ever leaves the tarmac.

Schedule is as follows:

San Diego to see family for the rest of the week, then up to San Francisco for work. Toulouse for a weekend, because I've never been. Berlin, because it's still home. Dublin, for a party. Back to San Diego again for the holidays.

You might be thinking that it's overkill to fly around in the skies for the next two months in order to gain inertia. But if I've learned one thing, it's that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to re-align and make moves in the right direction.

And whether that's a career thing, a mental health thing, a family issue, a relationship pitfall, a whatever -- when I look back at it, I can't remember ever successfully thinking my way out of a problem. Can you?

Movement, though -- that always seems to work. Take one step, and then you've got yourself some forward motion, and it will be easier to take another.

Speaking of, looks like they've just bumped up my delayed departure time by 10 minutes.

I should go.

I'm moving faster already.

See you on the West Coast. Be good to yourself until.

Big love,