My favorite photo of myself

Hey friend,

This pic keeps coming up on my Timehop this weekend and I just keep looking at it, and looking at it, and looking at it.

And I finally figured out: it's because it's my favorite picture of myself.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 5.50.14 PM.png

I love it because of how completely and entirely obvious it is that I am so completely and entirely in my element.

It just reeks out of that feeling of being like, Well of course I'm doing this today. This is exactly what I'm meant to be doing. There is literally no other better way to spend my time than by doing exactly this.

Have you ever had that feeling? Because I don't know if everyone just happens across that feeling. Not everyone has photographic proof of themselves existing in their element.

Not all are so lucky.

But you know what? I actually do think you can be. If you really crave that feeling, I know it's yours.

So, here's hoping you and I both do at least one thing this week that makes us feel as full of conviction as this photo feels.

Start the week with a deep breath, please. I will too.

I love you very much. We'll chat soon.