Fairy godpeople, mind readers, and East London

Hey friend,

In the world's most predictable turn of events, East London is suiting me quite nicely so far.

This statement is most specifically proven by the fact that I stumbled upon musician friends gigging on the street this morning while buying new house plants... and then accidentally joined the band for two hours.

Because you just might as well, you know? Video evidence on Instagram Stories (@alexashoen) if you're fast enough to catch it.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 7.06.49 PM.png

I also went to a brilliant dinner on Thursday night with some very, very lovely entrepreneur-creative-technology types. None of us knew each other that well, but that was also what made it so lovely.

It was one of those dinners where everybody did no less than three things, and we all wanted to hear about what the other one was doing, and some people worked full time, and some people didn't and everyone had opinions on everything.

In other words, my kinda crew. Also, the gnocchi was excellent.

And about halfway through the dinner, one woman mentioned that she was looking for a job.

My ears perked up and before I could open my mouth, someone across the table popped the question: "What are you looking for? Maybe one of us can help." 

And, , what happened next was just magic.

Without hesitation, she goes:

"I'm looking for COO roles at 100-150 employee businesses, probably wrapping up their Series B funding. I'm not interested in joining a smaller company, I want the product to have validation already--and I'm more useful at later stages anyways. Ideally, it would be a company with a strong social change mission statement."

Succinct. Specific. Empowered. Exact.

Epic, if I'm being honest.

And we all now know exactly what she needs.

As you start this week, I want you to remember this story. And more specifically, remember this: The confused mind always says no.

People aren't mind readers. No fairy godperson is going to look at your resume and think, "Yes, yes! I know just the job for her! Quick, someone get me my employment paperwork!"

It simply isn't how this all works.

But if you go into detail about what you're looking for, whether that's a day's worth of volunteer work or the role of a lifetime, you'll find you're a lot more unstoppable than you realize.

Now, go, and kill the game this week.

Big love,