Here they come, here come the Irish

Hey friend.

I am ravenous with creative lust today.

Having one of those afternoons where I just want to go lock myself in a studio and record music and only music and and I just want to make music and that's all I want to do and I'm leaving all things office life behind me from here on out and goodbye forever.


I hardly even want to write this email. (Okay, that's actually not true at all. You fools are great.)

But really... I. just. want. to. sing.

I go through periods like this occasionally, but I'm a little more hyped up than usual because I've been releasing a brand new track this week.


As I've alluded to in passing, I spent the last few weeks recording a new version of this... I guess "college-football-themed pop song" is the best way to explain it.

I've never recorded something to this professional of a level that's meant forsuch a very specific audience before, so it's been a bit of an entertaining ride.

The recording -- which, if you're well-versed in advanced Alexa trivia, is, yes, Notre Dame themed -- is a small, silly homage to a good friend of mine who passed away this summer.

I'm really proud of this track. It's the first time I've been back in a "real" recording studio since 2012, and the tune turned out so... joyful. She was a freakishly magnetic person, so I think it really fits to encapsulate a little bit of her into a tune like this.

If you went to Notre Dame, you'll get it. If you didn't, probably not so much. And that's okay!! I'm arranging new original music right now, and that announcement will definitely be for you.

And I'm also actually completely entertained by how many people who didn't go to Notre Dame have reached out to me to say they are listening to the track. I don't know what exactly it is about this tune that speaks to people.... but from Berlin to Colombia to San Diego, it's been played all over the world today. How rad is that?

This song is never gonna be some giant commercial mega-success hit even in the most bizarre twist of events, but man oh man--it was a good way for me to just melt into my feelings for a while, think about my friend, think about my extended crazy Notre Dame family, and breathe it out.

And it was nice to just make something. To go through the whole process just to make a few people giggle, a couple people cry, and several people smile.

I think music is special that way.

The song is called "Here Come The Irish" and you can stream it on Spotify or download it from Loudr



And if you want to just stream it, but would also like to send some financial love towards the record to help reimburse my recording costs: you can do that via PayPal right here.

I don't have anything else to say this week, except to say thanks for to every single person who tells me that what I do makes them smile.

Whether that means texting this track to all your friends or hitting reply to this email every once in a while, it honestly really does mean the whole world to know that you're out there on the other end of this... following along.

I love you all. Even you lurkers. Hi boys. *waves lasciviously*

Now then. Go click that link. Turn it up loud. Dance along, even at your desk.

We'll chat soon.

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