Dear Hired in Miami,

Hey, team.

Dang, I'm keeping busy this week! Playing a little catch up after last week's tech festivities (and super successful #entrylevelboss breakfast event!). Coming back to zen, slowly but surely.

I'm also re-watching The O.C. right now, which is giving me a true inner sense of calm. Blame my California roots, I guess.

Anyway, I've been getting all kinds of emails from readers old and new, so I've decided to turn this week's note into a little Q&A. Here's a question I received on Monday...

Hi Alexa,

I enjoy your tips and articles. It really make me feel more at ease when looking for jobs right after graduation school. I went into graduate school directly after reaching my undergraduate degree, and now I have been given the opportunity to work for my internship. This is great news, yet terrifying.

The good: pay is great, and love the agency.

The bad: I didn't actually receive a job offer in writing. It was all very informal, my supervisor just offered me the job and told me I had a week to think about it.

I do want to take it, based on the pay and the great experience I've had there as an intern, but how do i go about asking for the job offer on paper after i had an interview and he offered me the job? I just want to be have everything transparent. This is my first official 'big girl job,' and it does bring a lot of fear and excitement.

Hired in Miami


My dearest Hired in Miami,

Glad you came to me. It sounds like you're still inside of this week of decision-making time, and it's awesome that you're asking for advice *before* the last day. Nice one.

It also sounds like you've made the decision. So, here's what you need to do next: Shoot an email to your supervisor this morning--or take your supervisor aside in the morning if you are going into the office today--and say something like this:

"I've had some time to think about our conversation from last week, and I'm very interested in accepting your full-time offer. Can you please draft up a formal offer letter or contract with your salary offer, benefit offerings, and any other specific stipulations you feel are relevant for this position?

I'm interested, and want to go through all the legal details before I officially accept in writing. I appreciate you giving me time to think this through. I'm ready to move forward, and excited to review the contract once it's prepared.

Thank you so much for this offer--I've had a great time working with you this summer, and I'm ready to keep doing great work for your team."

There is no shame in making things legal and official. Real job offers need to be in writing. Period. Hope that helps. Good luck!

Big love,

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PPPS: Hug.