Vikings and lava, mostly

Hey friend.

I've been a little MIA the last few days, haven't I? If you follow me on the Snap (@alexashowtime), you'll know I spent the first half of this week wandering around the Icelandic countryside in a cape for my best friend's Viking-themed wedding...

...and now, after a series of (literal) traffic jams and (political) hiccups, I'm sitting in a hotel room in Northern England, collecting my thoughts in the middle of all this Brexit chaos. What a week, friends. What a week indeed!

What Iceland looks like at 1:30AM in the summertime

What Iceland looks like at 1:30AM in the summertime

Without going too much into it at all, I think we can all agree that 2016 is a pretty crazy, record-setting year so far. People want change. People are super bummed about The System.

Fair enough. But here's my thing: In the same way that you can't just keep waiting for your crush to finally decide they secretly love you, you can't keep being mad at The System. You're wasting precious daylight if you're just waiting for it to change.

You can't keep wasting time waiting for your college degree to be as valuable as it was promised to be, for your internship to hire you full-time like they said they would, for your boss to give you more responsibility.

You need to take stock of all your talents, learn more ways in which they're useful, ask as many questions as you can, and then--and here's the clincher--come up with your own plan on how you're going to make moves.

This is what it is to be an #entrylevelboss, dear. You have to be the CEO of your own career--because there's no one else to do that job except for you.

So, go ahead and rely on yourself. Be clever. Examine your options, and then look one step deeper to see if that's *really* the only way to do it. See the layers in all things.

The System may suck in a billion different ways, no matter which side of the bigger argument you sit on--but waiting for someone else to swoop in and save the day never seems to work out very well for anybody.

Keep growing. Keep building your skillset. Keep becoming excellent. It's the only way, my loves.

Huge hug,

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