Success is just a series of to-do lists

Hey, friend.

I've been hinting at this for the last few weeks, and it's officially time to open the flood gates and shout about it: enrollment for the next class of The #entrylevelboss Academy is now open.

This is a two-week online bootcamp program designed to put you back in control of your job search, and it starts on May 31st

And now, a story.

I'm pretty good about being as transparent as humanly possible with the #entrylevelboss crew (that would be you), so I want to tell you how this whole Academy thing came about.

I'm an organized freak of nature, professionally speaking. So, when I decided I was going to create Academy curriculum in a real and true way -- to go all in, and make it as 100% awesome as I possibly could -- I came up with a game plan.

Because, and you've all heard me say a billion times, success is just a series of to-do lists. My mom even made me a t-shirt for Christmas that says the same thing:

So I was like, sweet. Academy, here we go. I have a plan. I've got spreadsheets, I've got timelines, let's do this.

And one really big part of my plan--huge, in fact--was to collaborate with college career centers at the top universities across America. I said to myself: "Hey now! All these students are graduating this month and I do this thing that is SO USEFUL. I bet I could do it in partnership with all these different universities and do something amazing for this graduating class, and the next one, and the next one! I'll do a nationwide speaking tour! I'll be the Den Mother of all Career Centers across the lands!"

So, I called. I called dozens upon dozens of career centers, just to talk to the receptionist, so that I could get the right email address for the right person who would be so stoked on this whole thing.

And then a funny thing happened: No one cared. 

Actually, it was worse than that. Nobody *got* it.

My own alma matter wrote me back to congratulate me on finding a rewarding career path (their words not mine), and suggested I fill out a vendor form if I'd like to sell them something.

Everyone else just didn't answer.

You know me. You know how well I pitch myself, and how well I pitch what I do. Like... what?

For a split second, I got totally bummed out. But then I poured some metaphorical water on my head. Because I remembered why I started this whole #entrylevelboss adventure in the first place.

It's because college career centers blow.

Oh, silly, foolish, optimistic me! Thinking that the times are changing so rapidy, that surely the best universities in the country had all got somehow magically got it together this year!


The system is failing students right and left. We all know that. Hundreds of thousands of graduates -- if not millions, actually -- will leave university this month with nothing more than some cool facts, a ton of incredible memories, and a very giant student loan bill.

But any reasonable game plan for how to get hired by someone other than the 25 companies they bring in for the career fair? Something different than a 40-year-old cover letter template? No? None of that, then?

Yikes. Yikes, yikes, yikes.

I have spent the last five years trial-and-erroring my way into some of the world's coolest cities and most impressive companies. And, free agent that I am, I've now been hired more times than I can count.

And now I've taken all five years of that experience and compiled it into two weeks of rock-solid information, and the career centers of America still don't *get* it.

Well, they can all go suck it.

Because I'm bringing it straight to the source: to you, and to all the people who will need to hear it tomorrow.

I'm pumped. I've got a plan, friend, to bring that sweet #entrylevelboss gospel to the masses, and it's all starting here.

So, to all my recent college grads... You're in the right place, baby. I got you.

To all the parents of recent college grads... You're in the right place, Mom and Dad. I got you.

To those who feel stuck, frustrated, unenthusiastic, and ready to go get hired into a job you actually like... Honey. I. Got. You.

It's called The #entrylevelboss Academy and it's waiting for you right now. Enrollment is open, and class starts on May 31st.

You in?

Big love,