The best compliments I ever received

Hey, friends.

As you may have noticed, it's the first day of the year. I'm drinking peppermint tea and rather smugly not hungover, so things are off to a rip-roaring start over here.

I've had an idea this year regarding resolutions. I don't really tend to make any, but I do like the whole idea of giving your year a theme. Pitbull famously themes his years, and they're pretty good. I suggest you Google it.

Anyways. The theme I thought of is this: What if you defined yourself by the best compliments you've ever received?

I feel like it's a solid way to go. Whether you think of it for work or for love or for life--what better standard to measure against than the times you've already been at your best? I tried to sit down last week and write a list of the best compliments I ever remember receiving. Here are three of my favorites:

From a 70 year old man after I finished a blues set (Leeds, 2012):

"I thought I knew that song! I really didn't think I had much left to learn after the age of 70, but the way you sang that song--it taught me something new about life."

From a client who wrote me a rad LinkedIn recommendation (Berlin, 2015):

"It's been said before, but Alexa is like a breath of fresh air. When the cloning begins, let's be sure to put her at the front of the line."

From a man I randomly started chatting to at a bar once, said in a heartbreakingly earnest tone (Leeds, 2011):

"I'm here on a Christmas work thing, so I have to go, but... gosh, I think I could probably chat to you forever because you're just.... gosh, you're just lovely."

And for those who have ever encountered an Englishman, you'll know the praise doesn't really get any higher than that. (Lol.) Right-o, then. I'm off to buy some kale juice--after all, it is the first of the year.

I'm also super curious to hear about your best compliments ever--hit reply and let me know!

Live your best life, at least this week--

x Alexa

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