Italy and England and bears, oh my

Hey, friends.

Just arrived home from a cozy Fakesgiving weekend in beautiful, wonderful Yorkshire. (Fake because, well, wrong weekend, wrong country.) The week before that, I was on a farm outside of Venice, to give a good old #entrylevelboss pep talk to the Masters students at the rather impressive accelerator-slash-digital-academy, H-Farm Ventures. I know better than to turn down a trip to Italy.

And now I'm back in Berlin. And things are going full-steam-ahead from now through the end of the year. Between clients and preparing to record The Human Jukebox Project, I'll hardly have time for any glühwein. The struggle, indeed.

I've been a bit off the wagon with addressing #entrylevelboss questions recently. Today, I'm gulping down ginger tea to make sure I'm nice and sparkly for tonight's rehearsal, and looking warily out the window at the impending sunset that's coming in fast even though it's 2:50PM in the afternoon.

The good news is that, in place of preaching about the Entry Level Hustle, I've had some rather excellent song lyrics pouring out of me--and that's something that hasn't happened in a long time. I've got pretty sweet ideas for what Music will bring in 2016.

Anyways. I do actually have a tip for today, and it's a really good one. I've told you before that if you're only networking when you want something, you're doing it wrong. But how do you keep up with those people otherwise? It can feel awkward to randomly email a work contact or old school friend with a bunch of small talk.

One idea? Go recommend them on LinkedIn. Pick three people who have been influential in your career or been kind enough to give you some advice this year. Be thoughtful, professional, and warm. Write four sentences about why working with them is such a blast, and what their greatest strengths are.

It will pop up as an awesome surprise in their inbox, and they may even return the favor.

Let me know how it works out for you.

The Human Jukebox Project