I love you

Hey angel.

My computer's on 10% battery but my white-hot assistant Hannah just finished this white-hot new email template so I couldn't not just send you a little note.

We just finished jamming all afternoon over a swordfish lunch about everything we're planning to accomplish for the rest of this year, and I'm so completely f*cking stoked on what's ahead.

But most importantly, I am so completely f*cking stoked on all of you. It dawned on me this week that I am receiving your emails and Snapchats and FB messages literally every single day at this point. That's insane.

You take the time to write me and say how much you dig what I do, and how much it inspires you and that is just... really, utterly epic.

Thank you so much. I am so glad that you're all a part of my world, and that I am brightening up yours in some small way.

This is a good thing, what we got going on.

Boom, 9% battery left. I'm out. It's past 5PM in Berlin and time to close this laptop and jet back into the sunshine.

Mad, mad love. Sending you a safe and peaceful and positive weekend vibe. We'll speak soon.

Big Love,

PS: Sorry to all the boys I've kissed on this email list who went pale when they saw this subject line.