My sultry new look for autumn

Hi Friends,

I'm in London. Again. Second time in as many weeks.

It was windy at Gatwick this morning.

It was windy at Gatwick this morning.

Surprising no one: I'm currently posted up at the Shoreditch House bar, eating free Mike n' Ikes and answering emails.

I'm just in town for about 36 hours this time, because I'm giving a ~talk~ at a ~conference~ tomorrow. It's a talk about my day job!

Longtime readers know that I spend my days working as a communications advisor for UX, design, and digital product teams.

To kind of explain: Someone, somewhere, in some room, had to decide to call a Facebook status update a "status update." And call a newsfeed a "newsfeed." I'm that person.

It always sounds completely made it up whenever I try to explain it. And that's because I did make it up. I actually thought I invented the title UX Copywriter until I saw Google was hiring for the same position.


But enough about that for now. Because I actually need to make an announcement today! And that announcement is....

There's a new on the internet!

WOO BABY. Feels good.

For the last couple of months, I've been working on putting together this new website. It's my first "multi-page" site. I've never had one central place that showcases all the different things I do with my time--and now I do.

The most exciting part is that, for the first time ever in #entrylevelboss history, there is a public archive of every single newsletter I've written over the last year and a half. This is so huge and exciting.

An archive means that new subscribers can go back and scour for advice I may have shared before they started reading. And all my old diehards have an easy place to go look stuff up again.


I'm very pumped to be sharing the first iteration of this new site with you today.

I say "first iteration" because I really had to get over myself in order to get this out there. I never thought I had a perfectionism issue, but my feet-dragging on this website would suggest otherwise. 

A lot of the reasons that kept me website-less were, when I named them out loud, completely insane. It should be completely custom. It should have a lot of complex features for all the future things that I haven't even legitimately planned out yet. It should have all this insane technological automation. It should be the world's best website, ever, of all time.

Ridiculous, all of it, I know.

In the tech world, we're big on this saying: Done is better than perfect.

So that's what this is. It's the next thing that's done.




Can't wait to hear what you think! Write me back. And while you're at it, let me know what your career perfectionism is stopping you from doing.

Hope you're having a fabulous week, friend.

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