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Hi, I'm Alexa Shoen: career coach to the stars. And, by stars, I obviously mean you.

You're probably going to be delighted to hear that I’m an expert at navigating the job search process. I know, so random.

If you’ve been banging your head against the wall and wishing that someone else could just, like, do this for you… you’ve come to the right place.



ENTRY LEVEL BOSS /ˈɛntriː ˈlɛvəl ˈbɑs/
noun, verb, lifestyle

Someone who masterfully goes out and gets themselves hired into their first big kid job.

Someone who is ready for a huge career move and willing to put in that young-gun hustle to make it happen.

Someone who knows that careers are no longer ladders to climb, but beasts to tame.

One part beginners’ mindset, one part expert execution. rinse, repeat.