The Defining Decade

The book that changed my life when I read it in San Francisco. I have a signed version (my mom convinced the author's agent to get me a copy!!) sitting on my bookshelf in London.

White converse

I keep meaning to buy other shoes and then I just... don't.

Nars Brow Perfector

I divide my life into two chapters: before I started doing my eyebrows, and after I started living my life correctly. This NARS pencil is my religion. I wear Kalamata.

Colored Pencils

I've recently taken up adult coloring as a form of active meditation. What I've learned so far: that 12 is not enough pencils, but 72 feels too ambitious. 50 is definitely the right number of color options. Don't forget to buy a sharpener, or else you'll be sad.

The Crossroads of Should And Must

“How long will you wait to honor who you are?” One part illustrated guide, one part pep talk. For anyone who's been waiting for permission. Elle Luna's book deserves a VIP spot on your bedside table.

Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

One time, I told my mother I was going to buy these sneakers and she told me I shouldn't DARE because a thief would probably chop my feet off. Anyway, I don't own them... YET.

The Art of Asking

Written by the artist you've never heard of, with highest-earning music crowdfunding campaign in history. For anyone who dreams of pursuing a dream, but has been told it will be hard.

Wheat Thins

The number one snack I miss when I think about America.

Kiehls midnight recovery

I can't tell if it's placebo effect or not, but I absolutely swear by this stuff. It's so calming and makes me feel like I've properly finished the day.

Happy Socks

Never in my life did I think I would want to rep it for a sock brand, but here we are. I pretty much exclusively wear Happy Socks, especially the geometric print ones. Also, their Instagram rules.

Jonathan Adler

I adore everything interior designer Jonathan Adler creates. None of us have enough whimsy in our lives. Some day, when I am grown, I intend to plant myself squarely in one of his stores and never leave.

Frank o'Hara: Selected Poems

The only book I still have from my English Literature degree. I've carted it from country to country. If you don't think you like poetry, you should try Frank. Start with "Having A Coke With You."

How To Be A Woman

Caitlin Moran's autobiography which also functions as a self-help book for anyone female. I love this book so much. It made me feel like someone got it. I want to read it again right now. 

Tootsie pops

The number two snack I miss when I think about America.

Yorkshire gold tea BAGS

Fun fact: Perhaps the truest source of pride in my life is, as an American, being told that I make a properly good cup of tea by real live British people.

Penhaligon's Quercus

My signature unisex scent, which I've worn almost every day for five years. Someone said it smells like I've made lifelong commitment to this being my perfume. I have. I love it.

Donald: The BOok

So, full disclosure: I don't actually own this book yet but I intend to put it on my real Christmas wish list. But Donald Robertson is my very favorite artist alive. He's achingly clever. You absolutely must follow him on Instagram.

Chloé Handbags

Everyone needs something to covet, don't you think? I personally think it's good for us. Chloé handbags, like this one, are in that category for me.

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