Pause, it's about to get sentimental AF

Hi friend,

I was going to write you a different email just now.

But then I had a moment of clarity last night in a pub in Dublin.

The funny thing about moments of clarity is, you don't realize how often you don't have them until you get one -- and that's most certainly what happened to me while sipping a half-pint of Guinness and waiting to meet up with colleagues for dinner.

How to avoid shameful career small talk

Hi friend,

You're not going to believe it, but I was shockingly on time for my 9AM flight to Dublin this morning. To the point where I am now leisurely drinking coffee and while I (start to) write today's email.

I get to kick it in the land of Guinness this week, one last 2017 work trip for an EMEA-wide Women's Leadership Day event. Always assumed Ireland would be magical at Christmastime--I promise to get into some charming shenanigans if at all possible.

In between hunting for leprechauns, it's gonna be a week filled with professional small talk with colleague-strangers and holiday party banter.

The 3 best bits of my very good week

Hi friend,

It's snowing in London. I'm sat at my favorite bar drinking a cappuccino--a place from which I am oft writing you this email. I'm watching big fat flakes fall from out wall-to-wall windows.

The vibe is so good.

And it's topping off a really good week in general.

First: I got really famous at the day job holiday party because I pulled out my best party tricks--see pic below. People are now interested in wearing my merch around the office. (Is it too on brand for me to say I am doing absolutely nothing to stop that from happening?)

But you didn't want a camel

Darling friend,

I'm packing for Berlin tonight. I'll be there from tomorrow through all weekend. It's going to be freezing and dark and, in the world's least shocking news ever, I'm going to love every single minute of it.

I'm almost a year on from packing up my life in the German capital, and I still sound like a broken record every single day saying I'm feeling 'not quite settled yet' here in London.

Trust me when I say I'm trying to figure it out, for both our sakes.

But, actually, as soon as I've written that sentence -- that I'm really "trying to figure it out" -- I know I'm in trouble.

Because what does "trying to figure it out" even mean? What decision am I even trying to make, for that matter? Do I actually want to go back to Berlin? Am I just being shit at making this situation work? Is the grass always greener? What do I actually want, and how do I get it?

And how long is long enough when it comes to making decisions about big life stuff?

Are you guilty of this one?

Hey friend,

5:57AM in London. I've been up for a while. My California jetlag seems to have come in delayed-release-capsule format, apparently?

Oh well. I've got my cup of tea made, and I figure we can hang out while the sun comes up. Which is good, because I woke up thinking about timing.

About how we create deadlines for ourselves. About how we invent arbitrary periods of time for things.

- You should be engaged for 10 months.
- You have to stay at this job for at least a year.
- You can't become a manager before 30.
- You shouldn't be unemployed for more than four weeks.

^ These are all made-up numbers, but they sound kinda... right, don't they? Because they all sound like something you've probably heard before.