That fire-breathing feeling

That fire-breathing feeling

"I've gotta get to sleep, it's getting late in India."

That was 8:35AM California time yesterday morning.

I was on Messenger with my friend and collaborator Luiza, a Brazilian singer-songwriter who's teaching in a university there for a bit. We were talking through marketing logistics for #MeninasDeBerlim, a series of music videos and interviews she created (and is now launching this week) with female musicians in Berlin.

Each of the six artists shot an interview, one original tune, and one Brazilian duet with Luiza. And I'm one of them. 👋🏼

Stranded at the airport

Hi friend,

Here's a riddle for you.

Four hours ago, I boarded a plane to San Diego. Tucked myself in for the long haul. An hour and a half later, I'm back where I started.

...I'm stuck at Heathrow.

At least for the rest of the afternoon. I always feel sorry for people who get overly exasperated in these situations. It looks so exhausting to be that annoyed. Save your energy for the bigger battles, love.

Cold intro secrets part 1

Hi friend,

I am so glad it's autumn. I excel at layering, ask anybody.

I've recently decided that the biggest perk of being a grownup is realizing that summer is, in fact, not the best season of the year.

Anyway, all's humming along nicely over here. Headed to California at the beginning of November. Also, I keep threatening to make a trip somewhere new before the end of the year--on account of I do live in Europe after all.