I'm no average career coach.

Banging your head against the wall with the job search? That’s absolutely fine–I will help you stop freaking out. Miserable in your current job but no idea what to do next? That’s not a problem–I will help you make a decision, no personality tests required. Convinced that you are the most unhireable person on this planet? That’s statistically improbable–and you’ll be amazed at how sexy you look on paper by the time I’m done with you.

We’re going to come up with a plan. We’re going to execute on said plan. This is personal training for your career including a step-by-step diet plan for your job search–and, doll, it will work.

What you can expect from me:

  • a proven method for job searching that results in 82% of all students getting hired within 6-10 weeks

  • all my knowledge about getting hired in today's world, in today's industries, in today's economy, with today's tools

  • hyper-specific execution advice on networking emails, resumes, cover letters

  • straight-to-the-point guidance because, yo, I will tell you if I’ve heard that company sucks

  • a solid dose of humor, emotional support, and tactical scheming

  • a toolkit that will make getting hired feel as easy for you as it looks for other people

I promise it does not need to be this hard. We just need a game plan. Let's go get you hired.

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"I don't know how she does it, but Alexa makes the job search... fun."

If you’re panicking about your job search, #ELB School might be a great fit for you.

I take on a handful of motivated, super-dope students through and personally guide them–with my bare hands–through the transition from panicking job seeker to elegantly employed. Less stress, better job, faster paycheck.

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